Comprehensive Platform-as-a-Service

  • Connect to web or mobile applications via our RESTful API
  • Deliver via e-mail, SMS, fax, or even US Postal Mail simply by specifying a delivery address
  • Remove the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors and API's
  • Avoid the hassle of dealing with invalid fax numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Automatically retry delivery using an alternate method with no additional API calls needed
  • Embed our customizable admin screens and correspondence history viewer

Delegation of Roles

  • Invite business users to manage document templates instead of your development team
  • Delegate responsibility for defining and managing conditional rules


  • Access all correspondence as long as you have an active account
  • Comply with security standards like HIPAA with out-of-the-box encryption and built-in audit logs
  • Geo-redundant data storage prevents data loss