Feature Group Feature Explanation Available?
Secure Storage
Auditing Detailed auditing helps you troubleshoot issues and meet compliance guidelines like HIPAA. Every generation and delivery attempt is logged with a success or failure status. The Spondyr viewer logs when a document is viewed on-line. Yes
Archived Data and Correspondence A snapshot of your JSON data is stored alongside the template when correspondence is generated. This allows you to correct the data, the template, or both before re-generating and sending a corrected document. Don't worry if your application data has changed since the original submission. Yes
Permanent Storage All correspondence is saved forever and is instantly accessible while you have an active account. If you cancel your subscription, we store your data for 30 days and will export a copy to you if requested. Yes
Disaster-Proof Redundancy Six copies of each document are encrypted and stored across multiple geographic locations to insure you never lose data. Yes
Word-based Templates Let your business users be responsible for template editing using the familiar environmnt of Microsoft Word. Trust us, your developers should be coding and not maintaining templates! Yes
Multi-Language Create templates in languages like Vietnamese, Spanish, or Korean. Pass language indicators in your JSON data and our system will select the correct language template for recipients based on availability. Yes
Attachment Management Upload static documents and append them at the end of your dynamic templates using conditional rules. For instance, include an educational pamphlet or a welcome kit for new members. Coming Soon
Instant Preview If you are sending ad hoc correspondence, we allow you to preview the generated correspondence before finalizing the output. Users can verify contents and formatting prior to delivery to ensure accuracy. Coming Soon
UI / Forms
Viewers A viewer is available for viewing historical correspondence. Use as a stand-alone application or embed a white-label version within your application. Yes
Adhoc Correspondence Configure rules to present a list of appropriate templates to your users. Users are prompted to fill in required template parameters via an on-line form and once completed the letter is generated and delivered. The recipients of ad hoc correspondence can also be modified before submission. Coming Soon
Bulk Mailing Campaigns Send letters in bulk to tens, hundreds, or thousands of recipients. If a recipient receives letters from multiple campaigns, Spondyr can intelligently batch them into a single document to avoid wasting paper and delivery fees. Coming Soon
Intelligent Recipient Management Spondyr can abstract the difficulty of reaching your users by automatically determining the best delivery channel. We automatically handle retry logic and can intelligently switch to an alternate delivery channel upon failure. Bad e-mail addresses, fax numbers, or mailing addresses will be flagged and reported back to you so you can clean-up your data or prompt your users for new delivery information. Coming Soon
Template Selection Define one or more conditions that can select the appropriate template based on the JSON data passed from your application. Avoid hard-coding logic in your application and put template administration in the hands of your business users instead of developers. Yes
Multiple Delivery Options Spondyr can deliver via fax, e-mail, SMS, and US postal mail. In-app, secure FTP and social media delivery are coming soon! Reach your application users everywhere! Yes
Recipient Address Management Problematic fax numbers or bad e-mail addresses are identified and automatically suppressed when appropriate. Avoid wasting time and money sending to non-existent fax lines. Leverage our reports on bad fax numbers and e-mail addresses to flag your invalid recipient data for correction. Coming Soon
Address Verification Spondyr will verify mailing address formatting and destination prior to sending. If problems are detected with delivery, we can flag bad addresses so you can clean up your source data. Coming Soon
Backup/File Copy Spondyr supports integration with several services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive to ensure that your correspondence is always available where you need it. Yes
Zapier Zapier allows you to automate integrations with 1000+ apps and services without writing a single line of code! Need to copy correspondence to Amazon S3, send faxes via Phaxio, or post messages to Slack? The possibilities are endless! Check out some common automations that use the Spondyr app for Zapier in our documentation. Yes