Use Cases


Heath Care

Health care correspondence is heavily regulated, audited for compliance, and requires careful handling of PHI. Send automated letters such as authorization approvals/denials, claims approval/denials, EOB's, or even overdue preventative health care reminders.


Financial applications require complex formatting and timely delivery. Use Spondyr to send monthly statements, transaction confirmations, and more!


The legal industry requires careful handling of correspondence. Use Spondyr to send correspondence so you can easily track when correspondence was sent, who received it, and when it was delivered!

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Startups are busy creating the next break-through business. If your application needs a communication module, Spondyr will save you months of development and headaches dealing with formatting and delivery issues.

Small Business

Small businesses need a reliable way to send communications without paying for expensive systems. Use Spondyr to drive marketing campaigns to grow your business, or reach out to your existing customers in a professional and timely manner.


Enterprise applications need a rock-solid correspondence management infrastructure that can scale to millions of documents generated each month. Spondyr's innovative cloud infrastructure provides a scalable API that can handle high trasnsaction volumes without flinching or incurring excessively high costs.